26 Things I Learned as I Turned 26

So… I thought it’d be cool to write down a few things that I learned in 2015. This is a repost from my Facebook. Just some introspection for the new year. If you disagree, cool. If you learn something, then you’re welcome, I just saved you a year of hard lessons. BOOM. Also it was just fun to write. I think everyone should do this! Well, without further ado

In 2015 I learned…

  1. To trust my gut. I’m almost always right, so this one was pretty obvious…
  2. That “Netflix and chill” means “sex”. Like why?? This is SO deceiving. If a guy asked me to “Netflix and chill” I’d be like “Yes! Those are my 2 favorite things!” What’s next? Are you gonna turn “Eating carbs and watching football” into “Let’s murder someone”? Like come on now… Not fair
  3. That sawàtdee kâ is how you say “hello” in thai (if you’re a girl). Also… sŏon, nèung, sŏng, săam, sèe, hâa, hòk, jèt, bpàet, gâo, sìp
  4. Mom’s can be cool if you let them. People always ask me how my mom is so chill about my life. Here’s the secret… Be the kind of person that your parents can trust. Be smart in your life decisions. Be honest about what you’re doing even if it’s taboo or you don’t think they’ll approve. Parents (the good ones anyhow) just care about you. They’re not judging your lifestyle because it looks bad (well maybe a little). But mostly, they just care about your success, health, and overall well being. No matter how ugly, they’d rather know what you’re really doing than hear a beautiful lie. It took a lot of awkward and difficult conversations to get there, but once we did, I felt free to be completely and utterly honest with my parents no matter what. And now we’re closer than ever.
  5. Family, as difficult and completely psycho as they can be and as much as they make me want to shoot someone sometimes because they know just exactly how to push my buttons, oh and don’t even get me started on the group texts… wait what was I talking about again? Oh yeah… family is important. Yeah.
  6. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Bros before hos. Be proud of your tribe. Never apologize for those relationships. My friends and I are freaking weirdos. You know when you’re knee deep into a conversation and don’t realize how freakishly weird of a topic it is, until an outsider walks in half way through and says “wait… wtf??” That’s us… like 90% of the time. It’s like we probably shouldn’t ever go out in public, I mean, some of my friends I’ve known since fetus status. So obviously we have our own language. We have our own sense of humor. You don’t need to get us. Just let us. And we’ll get along just fine.
  7. There’s no place like home. There are some awesome places out there. Maybe even BETTER places, but there’s just no place like home.
  8. How to pronounce “Hallgrímskirkja”… lol jk I never learned that shit. But I DID learn that the saying “Greenland is ice and Iceland is green” is false. So please… STOP TELLING ME THIS. In winter, Iceland is frozen and cold, but has tons of volcanoes. Sooo it’s more like “Ice and Fire”. So start getting your info from more credible sources like Game of Thrones
  9. That it takes 31 donut holes, to make me hate donut holes (thanks to the Woody Show for the “Munchkin Challenge” idea)
  10. Don’t beat yourself up about your mistakes. Brush it off. Learn from it. Move on. And then laugh about how young and foolish you were back then… yesterday.
  11. That if you choose to have a good time, you will. And if you think you won’t, you won’t.
  12. Do NOT feed the squirrels at Zion National Park
  13. That when a boy says “Want to go out to dinner with me tonight?” Then says “I’ll pick you up at 8”… He’s asking you out on a date, idiot!
  14. A fortnight is a unit of time equal to 14 days. A fortnight is also an awesome slumber party when you and your super cool friends transform a living room into a giant blanket fort (just don’t get sick when this is scheduled to happen -__-)
  15. That rats in New Orleans like Funyuns aka rats in New Orleans have damn good taste
  16. That kids know a lot more than you think they do. A LOT more… So do parents.
  17. More Spanish. I struggle with Spanish sentence structure though. It’s backwards and confusing. I’m just gonna translate my English sentences verbatim. It’ll sound weird, but still make sense. Holy crap, I’m a Spanish yoda. You can call me Lloda… Master Lloda
  18. “quizás” does not mean “kiss my ass”. It means “maybe”. Learned that the weird way.
  19. When you’re down by 4 with 26 seconds in the game on your opponent’s 1 yard line, run it. Don’t take unnecessary risks. When it’s all on the line, play your strengths. BEAST MODE
  20. Sudafed + Coffee does some weird Ritalin stuff to your brain (do not try this at home)
  21. “Cheaters never prosper” is a total lie. I’m not saying it’s good to cheat, But cheaters prosper. Cheaters prosper all the freaking time. I already knew this, but I just learned to stop being surprised when they do
  22. Trying super hard to not be basic, is kinda basic
  23. If you want to be admired, be 2 things. Don’t just be smart. Don’t just be pretty. Be both. Be smart and pretty. Be funny and kind. Be talented and interesting. Nice guys finish last not because they’re nice, but because they’re JUST nice. Ever think about that??? So stop complaining and learn how to fix my car… Or do my taxes… Then maybe girls will actually want to date you, sheesh!
  24. Apparently a 401k is like super important. At least that’s the first thing everyone tells me when I ask for tips on adulting. So start one… NOW
  25. It’s not worth it to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. Be you, Love being you. Love your single life. And when you meet someone you love being with more than you love being single, then do that
  26. Sometimes God gives you the things you ask for, not because they’re good for you, but because He knows that if He doesn’t, you’ll never realize that they aren’t. You’ll just whine and complain about how He never hears you and that thing that you wanted becomes a martyr. It goes on a pedestal, You think about it. You dream about it. You want it so bad because you can’t have it. So sometimes God just gives it to you, so you can learn, on your own, that it’s not all that you jacked it up to be. So when you get what you’ve been praying for and think, “This must be right. God said yes”, don’t be surprised when it turns out to be wrong.



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  1. Clarice says:

    Hahaha I love this!


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