Oh the Irony

So… I listened to a comedy set by Patton Oswalt titled, “Moments of Ironic Destiny”. He talks about how, in movies, the main characters always have these moments of ironic destiny. He used the example of a young Charlie Parker pausing in front of a saxophone in the window of a store and the audience thinks “Oh that’s Charlie Parker, he’s gonna eventually become a famous saxophonist when he gets older”. But in the moment, the character usually brushes it off as a silly idea only to come back to it later in his life. That’s his moment of ironic destiny.

Oswalt states that in the totality of one’s life, everyone has an ironic moment of destiny. I really liked this idea. I let my mind sit on this thought for a bit. I could have, have had, or could be having an ironic moment of destiny at any point in my life and I would never know it. That’s what’s ironic about it. You don’t know that it’s your destiny. Maybe me writing this blog, is my ironic moment of destiny. Okay… I think I might be getting a little too meta for my own brain.

But back to my point (yes, I have a point). Don’t sell yourself short on anything. Anything can happen. Anything happens all the time. Besides God, no one knows the future and no one knows your destiny. So when you’re feeling discouraged and think “pff, that’ll never happen,” for all you know, it’s just simply your moment of ironic destiny.




Pff, like I’ll ever take over Chris Harrison’s job as the host of the Bachelor and write a best selling novel and fall in love with a rich orthopedic surgeon slash chef, get married, and have beautiful babies. That’s too crazy to ever come true. HEAR THAT UNIVERSE? Wouldn’t it be like so ironic if that happened now??


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  1. Haha! I love your posts Kat. And I’ll keep my eye out for a surgeon-chef for you. Keep up the writing! This blogging thing could be the start of something awesome!


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